October 15, 2009

A Step in the Right Direction

Lots has happened since my last post.

I attended my 3rd round of training in North Carolina with Edie Jane. What an amazing woman she is. I love her attention to detail and her way of explaining things. You can bet I'll be taking another session with her before I graduate!

Two friends from FBRN took the classes with me and I got to stay at the home of another. It was a great week on many levels.

This is Journey. She belongs to my friend Peggy and she is a show girl. Seems Journey has trouble eating when away from home and by the 3rd day of refusing food Peggy was seriously thinking of leaving class and taking Journey home.

At the beginning of class I asked if I could work on her. I did mouth work, belly lifts and put a body wrap on her. It was just what Journey needed to get eating again! I hand fed her deli Turkey and then she enjoyed some tofu for lunch! Journey continued to eat normally for the rest of the trip.

After class one night Sandy's sister, Deb came over and asked me to work on Mishka. Mishka is a beautiful 3 yr old Samoyed Husky. Seems Mishka has trouble with her tummy and the vets are not quite sure what has been going on with her this past year or so. She tends to vomit several hours after a meal. IBD is one thing they have considered.

I was happy to see if TTouch would help her and I did some touches, belly lifts and put her in a wrap. Last I heard Mishka was doing great.

This is Summer! Summer is the sweetest little French Bulldog you could hope to meet. She is very shy and spent her early years in a puppy mill making babies. It was my pleasure to show Summer that not all people want something from her. Some of us just want her to feel good and loved!

I flew home on a Tuesday and went back to work Wednesday and Thursday and then went in for shoulder surgery on Friday, October 9th! Talk about a busy week!!

Everything went fantastic with the surgery. I was still under the "block" when I began doing Raccoon touches to my shoulder and arm.

I never have had any real pain and quickly backed off the heavy narcotic pain pills to something much lighter. I've also been very good about doing my stretches.

Today I had my 1 week check up and got my stitches out. My Doctor was amazed at my lack of pain and the range of motion that I have already regained!

I'm even able to put my arm behind my back and that is very unusual for this point in the game.

Tomorrow I begin my official Physical Therapy and will drive there by myself!

I'm on a mission.....there isn't time to sit around in pain with an arm that won't work. I have things to do! There are shelter animals waiting for love and attention and there are case studies to do! After all, I plan on taking my 4th round of training in early Spring! No time for moss to grow under these feet :-)

BTW, did I mention I'm 1/2 way finished with my certification program?