June 23, 2012

It has been well over a year since I have posted on the blog!  Although I don't post on the blog does not mean that I'm not out there working with the animals.  I'm not comfortable blogging about clients and this really was a way for me to journal about my TTouch Training.

Things have been very busy.  Not only did I certify in Tellington TTouch last Summer but I have gone on to build my business and even have a division of my "hands on" work that does custom blending of Essential Oils, called MakeNscents!

So now TouchNpaws' focus is working with animals with physical needs.  I see clients that are recouping from illness, injury or surgery.  I still love working with the seniors and geriatric dogs and hospice situations too.

TouchNpaws now offers what I call "Touch Modalities"
  • Tellington TTouch
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Rehabilitative Massage
  • Reiki
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Here is a quick story from a shelter dog I worked with that explains how I use the 3 modalities together to benefit the dog:

Let me tell you about my time with Annice and what I learned about her.

First let me say she is a big 'ol love bug and would make the BEST lap dog for a quiet household. We don't know her past story and really, what does it matter? What we do know is she loves people and loves being touched. She is also very cautious of things and very concerned about new things.

Walking her into the building after morning kennel cleanings can be quite a time consuming event. She takes gentle encouragement to move a few steps. Then something concerns her and she hesitates. Today I was walking along with her and her handler when Annice saw a parked van that made her stop. In a very happy voice I went to the van and patted it. I said, "Oh this? This isn't scary." Annice came prancing over to check it out. Good girl.

Later she stopped again and I put a Thundershirt on her to see if it would make a difference. Never know until you try. Well, after a minute or two she still didn't come and it was hot to I took it off. The interesting thing was she walked the rest of the way back without stopping! Was it the Thundershirt? Not sure. I asked her handler to experiment with it this week and see.

The next hour I spent with Annice in her kennel. Here is another reason I love the modalities I've chosen to use. Annice has some old scars and some not so old boo boos. She also has trust and some concerns. And then there is that whole stress thing that happens in a shelter even on great days!

For Annice I used TTouch initially to gain her trust and capture a bit of a bond with her. Built on that and used massage techniques to make sure her scars are mobile and not affixed to underlying tissues that may cause her pain later or impede facial expression. Then we did more TTouch to make her feel good and address the fear stored at the cellular level. Finally a lot of Reiki for her to use how she sees fit.

Wonderful morning at the shelter!


Each week I hold a distance Reiki session that anyone can join but the dogs of Escondido Humane Society are always included at no charge.  Annice will be included in the group until she finds her new home.