February 4, 2011

Super quiet on the blog!

I have been asked by a few why things have been so quiet on the blog lately.

Well the truth of the matter is that I'm not supposed to share information about the dogs I work with at the shelter that have not yet passed their behavior tests.  They can't be talked about until they are in adoptions.  By the time they are in adoptions I'm working with new dogs that haven't yet made it.

Still working on the logistics of how best to share the wonderful work Tellington TTouch is doing to change the lives of these dogs without breaking the rules.  :-)  We'll figure it out.

In the meantime I'd like to share a few pics and notes about some of the dogs that have gone to adoptions.

Have you ever seen two more beautiful creatures in your life?  This is Tucker and Tanya.  These dogs are incredibly smart, well mannered and sweet.  

This little girl's picture at intake shows a terrified and cowering little one not sure of where she was and what was happening to her.  Just look at her now!

This is John Wayne, aptly named because he is slightly bow legged.  Kinda makes me think he may be mixed with an English Bulldog.  John Wayne is currently up for adoption at the shelter.  He is a very loving boy that consideres himself a lap ornament.  :-)

This little girl was truly scared to death until I put her in a Thundershirt and did a few TTouches on her.  After that she saught out attention and cuddling.

Holy Smokes!  Have you ever seen a happier smile than Java has?

Finally, meet Dallas.  She is about 7 years old and as gentle as a lamb.

Did you know that finding dogs as wonderful as these at the shelter is not uncommon at all?  I really hope you and your friends will consider checking you local shelter for your next best friend.

These dogs really deserve to find their Happily Ever After.

Oh by the way, I started this blog to track my journey to becoming a Tellington TTouch Practioner.  Well guess what!  That journey will be complete in just 20 days!  On February 24, 2010 I'll be graduating!!  (Can you see me doing my Happy Dance?)

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